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Berry White- Pineapple Express-Sherbert-
Alaska Thunder F*ck-  gorilla glue


meet the master grower - Gregg Harrison

Str8Fire Farms

str8fire farms

Str8fire Farms I 502 Tier 2 Licensed Cannabis Producer and Processor.  Str8fire Farms constructed of premier principles to ensure the highest product quality. The delicate process starts with the watertight sanitation of the cultivation process using organic tea blend for fertilization.

We pride ourselves on our reserve, premium and everyday strains, resulting in the incomparable superiority of Str8fire Farms. Str8Fire Farms has a variety from “Old School Strains” to some of the newest and rarest strains in the market.  We maintain various strains that are all laboratory tested for potency and purity.  We pride ourselves in our reserve, premium and down to the basic strains created; from aromas to laboratory tests our product is confirmed the elite!

Free from limits of warehouse grow barriers, Str8fire Farms products comes directly from the fertile soils of “sun country” Okanogan!  We have the advantage of being able to grow tree sized plants, without the need for any pesticides.  Our large outdoor and greenhouse grow uses the natural sunlight, in order to keep the costs down and have the peak quality Cannabis.  Str8Fire’s mission is to service and keep strict standards of excellence while maintain an affordable quality product.

We have the curing process down to an art, the bud guaranteed fully ripened with well-developed trichrome.  Str8Fire Farms buds will pass the up-close and personal test of the microscope guaranteed to be free from any sign of pest infestation, discoloration, or debris.  Str8fire Farms mission is to service and keep a strict standards of excellence that is built upon principles of quality and integrity.